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Grievance Filed Demanding Retroactive 2% Increase

Grievance Filed Demanding Retroactive 2% Increase

Fellow Lieutenants,

I was alerted by Lt. Ken Stoppa that the FOP received a 2% wage increase on 01 July 2016. After doing some research with fellow Board member Mike Stiscak, it was determined that, although our contract expired 30 June 2016, per Section 28.2 it is still in full effect. This would mean per Section 26.1B (the “me too” clause) we should have received the wage increase as well. As a result, on Friday, 22 July 2016, I filled grievance #001-546-16-004 on behalf of all members demanding the increase retroactive to 01 July 2016.  As the grievance process proceeds I will keep the membership informed.

I’d like to personally thank Ken for bringing this matter to the Board.

Joe Andruzzi
CPLA – 156B


See Filed Grievance Report Here

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