Chicago Police Lieutenants Association

Personal Mobile Phone Use

Fellow Lieutenants,

As you may already be aware, today a judicial order was issued granting access to the PERSONAL cell phones used by ALL officers who were on the scene during a recent police-involved shooting. Members are reminded and strongly encouraged to refrain from using their personal cell phone for ANY department related activities. This includes making required notifications from the scene of any incident.

Unless a member has been issued or has access to a DEPARTMENT cell phone, if a member is being requested to make any department related call/notification the member should inform the requester via their radio that the member will call as soon as they have access to a Department phone.

Should any member receive any discipline or admonishment for failing to make a call on their personal cell phone for Department related activities, the member should contact the association immediately.

Members are also reminded to refrain from using their personal cell phones for texting any department related information or comments.

Lt. Joseph Andruzzi

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