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US Savings Bonds Information—(as of 01Jan17)

US Savings Bonds Information—(as of 01Jan17)

If you, your family, or friends own U.S. Savings Bonds that have completely matured (more than 30 years since the date of purchase) the below information may be of interest to you.

It appears that US Savings Bonds more than 5 years past the maturity date may now be deemed UNCLAIMED PROPERTY!

Illinois General Assembly – Bill Status for HB5607.
Amends the Uniform Disposition of Unclaimed Property Act. Provides that a United States Savings bond shall be presumed abandoned when the bond has remained unclaimed and unredeemed for 5 years after its date of final extended maturity. Provides that presumed abandoned and unclaimed bonds escheat to the State. Establishes a procedure by which the State Treasurer may obtain a judicial determination that the bond has escheated to the State.



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