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The Nolan-O’Neil Academic Scholarship

The Nolan-O’Neil Academic Scholarship

The purpose of the creation of this scholarship fund is to honor the memory of our past presidents and founding members and to provide financial assistance to the children of active members of our Association. The Executive Board was designated as the Scholarship Committee and set forth the rules and regulations which shall determine those individuals eligible for each scholarship. The mandatory minimum guidelines shall be used to determine who receives the scholarships each year as follows:

  • Four (4) $500.00 scholarships shall be issued to four eligible applicants entering or enrolled in Pre-K through 16 and undergraduate studies. Graduate school students are not eligible.
  • Each year thereafter, four (4) additional scholarships shall be added until further notice.
  • All applicants must be a son or daughter of a PB & PA Chicago Police Lieutenants Association active member in good standing with the Association. The term “son or daughter” shall be defined by the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee defines “son or daughter” to include stepson, stepdaughter, foster son, foster daughter, and legal dependents of the member. Members are not eligible for the scholarships for themselves.
  • The Scholarship Committee shall determine when all applications must be received and set forth when the award shall be issued. The application by mail deadline is January 1st of each year. Entry forms can also be submitted in person at the January General Member Meeting.
  • Scholarship applications will be made available to all members.
  • Only one entry per active member is allowed.
  • Scholarship funding will be disbursed by check.
  • Each scholarship recipient must provide proof of school registration or enrollment prior to receiving funding.
  • Educational institutions that scholarship applicants are requesting funding for must be accredited and approved by the Scholarship Committee.
  • It is expressly understood by all scholarship recipients that he or she possesses no property interest in the scholarship and said scholarship may be revoked at any time. The Scholarship Committee shall have the authority to recommend the revocation of any scholarship at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

To apply for the Nolan-O’Neil Academic Scholarship, visit the Association website to download the application.

The completed application must be submitted at the January General Member Meeting or postmarked by January 1st and mailed to:

Chicago Police Lieutenants Association Scholarship Committee
1616 W. Pershing Rd., Chicago, IL 60609

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