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Lt. Board Representative Elections


Representative Elections

According to the Union by-laws, elections for the representative members are held every other year in even numbered years.  That means that this is an election year for Board Reps.  The date of submission for nominations is October 15th of that year.  However, with all of the issues that the Department has faced in the last several weeks, the Board has voted to extend the deadline to October 31st.  If anyone is interested in running for a representative spot, please email your submission as well as sending a hard copy to Lt. Donna Dowd at Unit 376 by October 31, 2018.

Our contract still reflects the old areas so reps are elected to represent lieutenants from the following areas:

Area 1, Districts 2,7,8,9

Area 2, District 3,4,5,6,22

Area 3, Districts 18,19,20,24

Area 4, Districts 1,10,11,12

Area 5, Districts 14,15,16,17,25

Headquarters Representative,  All other Units.


Good luck to those who choose to run and remember, Stay Safe.


Your Union Board

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