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New CPD Lts Website is Live!

Important Message Written In Red on a Black Background

The CPLA Executive Board is proud to announce a new and improved CPLA Website. CPDLTS.COM has been updated with a new look but still will provide users with all of the information and content they are used to getting. Please take the time to check out the new site and if needed update your user information and change your password if you have not done so in awhile. If you have any difficulty or need any assistance please email Tim Kennedy at Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new site.

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  1. It may not be readily apparent to members who are not proficient with computers that the site’s name has changed from .org to .com. If members are still trying to log in with .org as the address they’ll get an error message. Maybe make a general announcement that members should log on at cpdlts.COM.

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