Chicago Police Lieutenants Association

Open Letter

The anti-police rhetoric that continues from the Mayor’s Office and the State’s Attorneys Office has led to another death and serious injury to our beloved family. 

The failed leadership of the City and State’s Attorneys Office and their lack of support of law enforcement and the criminal justice system, erodes the law and order of our city. The Mayor’s continued attacks on the police continue to embolden the criminals that destroy the safety and sanctity of our city.  The Mayor continues to berate and denigrate the police while refusing to renounce the real reason for the current state of our City: the behavior of the criminal element that has led to record murders and robberies.  The increase in crime has resulted in a constant state of fear for citizens, who no longer venture downtown, utilize public transportation nor enjoy the great parks and green space of our city. The attitude of politicians towards law enforcement erodes the authority and respect necessary for police to perform our job safely and effectively while keeping the citizens of Chicago safe.

The anti-police message has led to a dramatic decrease in police applicants, a record number of retirements and an unprecedented amount of resignations. Those that are called to serve and protect are now discouraged from serving in this honorable profession. Our numbers continue to fall at each rank as the City fails to adhere to their own agreed upon Consent Decree in maintaining sufficient supervision. A lack of promotions and the Department’s failure to fully staff the supervisory ranks has led to young officers being deployed without the necessary guidance and leadership.  

As supervisors, leaders, and mentors on this Department, we should be advising our officers that no longer will traffic stops be conducted without several layers of backup and support.  We need to approach the priority one assignments with a minimum of 2 cars/4 officers. Ensure the officers are meeting, organizing and proceeding in adequate strength before responding to ensure their safety.  Additionally, the Department’s position on traffic and foot pursuits is clear.  Remind your officers, in light of the culture that currently exists, returning safely to our loved ones shall be your highest priority.

Please keep the officers and their families in your prayers.

Michael Stiscak

President PBPA 156B

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