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Pension Board Letter

Active and Retired Lt.’s Information:

All retired Lt.’s and any active Lt. who has a retired CPD relative or friend should be aware of the above posted Pension Board letter that was just mailed out to retirees.

The Pension Board has sent out a letter to all pension annuitants requiring us to attest to the fact that we are actually alive and collecting our own pension benefits. The Board sent a letter like this that we had to fill out about 3 years ago. The major difference with this letter is that this time we have to have our signature notarized.

The time frame to return the letter is extremely short (June 30, 2019). I called the Pension Board and was told that no benefits will be stopped at least until the Board makes another attempt at contacting a non-responding annuitant. That being said, when you receive the letter do not procrastinate. Fill the form out as required and return it asap so that your pension benefits are not discontinued.

There is further information on the first page of the Pension Board website

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