Chicago Police Lieutenants Association

Retired Health Insurance Premium Subsidy

All Active Lt.’s , Retirees, and Family Members

There has been an on-going lawsuit for many years attempting to order the City to continue subsidizing retiree health insurance premiums (the Underwood Litigation) as they promised when you were hired. Although this lawsuit has not been successful through numerous appeals it has had limited success against the Pension Fund. The Pension Fund has been ordered by the Circuit Court to issue a health insurance subsidy to eligible annuitants.
The criteria for eligibility and the subsidy amounts depend on your own personal hire date, retirement date, and health insurance coverage.
The Pension Board has mailed an informational letter and a form to be filled out to all Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago annuitants. I have included a copy of this correspondence from the Fund. There are lifetime penalties for not filling out the form in the prescribed time frame. Each persons situation is different so it is important that you read the correspondence and fill out the form. Call the Pension Board, 312-744-3891, if needed, for answers before time expires.

***If you are retired and have not received this letter CALL THE PENSION BOARD ASAP!!!

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